Bring Your Own Beamer

Documentation from a one night show at Göteborgs Konsthall

Bring Your Own Beamer is an roving exhibition concept that anyone, anywhere can arrange, all you need is a space and electricity. The first B.Y.O.B took place in Berlin in 2010, initiated by the artist Rafaël Rozendaal. Since then, over a hundred exhibitions have been arranged around the world.

I decided to arrange this for the first time in Gothenburg and Konsthallen was kind enough to host it. Everyone was welcome to participate, the only requirement was to bring your own equipment and install the work yourself.

Participants: David Eng, Eric Isaksson, Maria Hilmersson-Landgren, Ida Westberg, Elina Flyrin, Maitane Midby, Sofia Magdalena Eliasson, Magnus Dahl, Theodor Skoglund, Jonas Isfält, Terese Thulin, Kim Johansson, Gustav Lejelind, Karin Wiberg, Anna Lamberg, Magnus Reimer, Sebastian Cruz, Dennis Burén, Anthony Lappas, Gorki Glaser-Muller, Helga Härenstam, Oscar Ramos, Olle Essvik, Miriam Härenstam, Pia Röth, Magnus Eriksson, Geraldine Juarez, Haroon Natan, Daniel Josefsson, Ulf Lagerberg, Josefine Lagerberg, Rousda Åhs, Karl Bergström, Johanna Wallin, Minna Forssberg, Peneleope Umbrico, Demenz, Mike Mills, Tobias Kiel and Rafael Rozendaahl.