Planking Piece (after Charles Ray)


Found photography.
Presented as installation with images in various sizes
or as a slide show; 139 min.

The term Planking is an activity consisting of lying face down with both arms along the sides of the body (mimicking a wooden plank). Planking can include lying on a flat surface or balancing on top of something. Finding unusual locations and sharing pictures through social media is an important part of the activity.

The concept for planking is simple, which allows for almost anyone, anywhere in the world without regards of class, gender, age or ethnicity to perform this act. There are thousands of images online with people planking, the selection in this work takes us on a trip around the world, to popular tourist destinations, offices and private homes. Some images are from spectacular places taken with great risk while others are made within the safety of ones own backyard. The images unconsciously mimics the documentation of conceptual performances made by Dennis Oppenheim, Erwin Wurm or Charles Ray – whose performance Plank Piece this work has adopted its title from. Planking might be of the most spread so-called “memes”, from 2009-2011 thousand of images with “planks” where shared on social media. Then it suddenly became unfashionable and vanished – this is a document of this already forgotten phenomena.