So We Closed Our Eyes

Documentation of an action.
Two channel projektion, 9 min, sound.
Together with John Skoog.

A reinterpretation of Vito Acconcis work Blinks, in which he walks down a street taking a photograph every time he is forced to blink. From our perspective a romantic and slightly desperate (but poetic) attempt not to miss a single fraction of life, capturing these "lost" moments with pictures. In our version we walk the street with closed eyes. Slowly walking down the crowded street trusting the people passing us by, making every step a crucial one.

One camera is handheld by the walker, it is completely zoomed out, with focus fixed on the horizon, the destination. The other camera is standing at the end of the street, on tripod, completely zoomed in, with automatic focus, searching for the walker.

The work is best presented in a separate room, since the projections needs to be displayed facing each other, on two opposite walls. This way the viewer is situated in the middle of the street.